We've produced several concours programs, magazines and auction programs for most of the major concours groups in the USA. They included, Amelia Island, Hilton Head, Meadow Brook, St. Johns and Dayton Concours, just to name a few. Our group has published a gun book, brochures, and an estate planning booklet. Currently we're working on producing a tour book called "The Allure of Rallies & Tours", for Grundy Insurance

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What’s going to be the biggest change in the collector car market over the next five years? Did you know there are now more than five million cars identified as collector cars in the U.S. and that collector born between 1946 and 1964 owns 60 percent of these cars? Their collections are made up everything from Model T’s to Grand Prix racecars, from full Classics to the sports cars that have blown up the auction block in record setting fashion in past several years.

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What we can do is measure the shift from Baby Boomer and Generation X’ers. As we study current and past trends and utilize currently available data, we can make good informed decisions on how best to steer our company’s future growth and success. Make your marketing dollars count.

Advertising is part of marketing. But, clearly, not all marketing functions are related to advertising.

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